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Tell us your city, province, country and postal code  and if you also include your street address the report will be that much more specific.

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We calculate your rainfall totals and send you an email every Friday.

Winter precipitation data is unreliable, so , if it's been snowing, you may get a wonky report. You probably don't need to water if it just snowed.

Our software is powered by Dark Sky. weather service. We use their recent weather data for your address. We provide precipitation information only. You need to decide for yourself if you need to water based on all the factors that affect your garden. These could include soil type, age and types of plantings, slope, grading, other weather factors, time of year etc. We do not offer any implied warranty with the information we provide. Please don't make any life and death decisions based on this information. It is only for helping you to decide if you need to water your garden.

If your report seems to contain incorrect information, please let us know. It may be simple, like there isn't any weather station near to you, but there may be some error in your data. We'll check into it on a best efforts basis. But, please be patient with us, as we have to prioritize work for free services along with the work we do to earn a living.

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